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 It can be scary and disorienting to be in a car accident. The consequences start with the financial damages that come from whatever car repairs or replacement needs to happen. There may be medical expenses and the aftermath might involve pain and suffering that’s hard to be quantified–but can be assigned a dollar amount by an Indiana court. A Noblesville car accident lawyer should be contacted to ensure you get fair treatment by the insurance companies and the courts. 

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At Fault vs. No-Fault Car Accidents

Indiana is one of 38 states that rely on the principle of “at fault” in car accident cases. This means the driver who was at fault for the accident must use their insurance to compensate the other driver. In no-fault states, each driver simply relies on their own insurance, regardless of where the responsibility for the accident lies. That means proving fault is a big deal and what happens after the accident may be crucial in how this is settled.

What to Do After a Car Accident

A driver’s first steps must always be to tend to their own health. That means calling for an ambulance if necessary. Even if there are no injuries, the police should be called. A Noblesville car accident lawyer, along with insurance companies and courts, will examine the police report as part of assessing fault. While the police officer presumably did not witness the accident, their report will likely include witness statements, statements from the drivers themselves, and a look at skid marks or other telltale signs that may shed light on why an accident happened.

Above all, a police report is seen as objective, with no bias towards either driver. The chances of having a successful personal injury case are heightened if this report is on file.

People in Indiana are renowned for their friendliness and neighborliness. We’re proud of that fact, but the aftermath of a car accident is not a time to demonstrate too much of that with the other driver. It’s important to just be silent. Even if a person thinks they’re fine and the other driver seems genuinely worried, nothing should be let on.

Injuries like back problems and concussions can start to show their effects well after the fact. Statements about feeling fine on the scene can come back to haunt a driver later. The best approach is to just exchange insurance information and phone numbers and leave it at that for the time being.

Photos are invaluable in a settlement negotiation or court, so if a driver is well enough, they should take out their cell phone and start snapping pictures. If a crowd has gathered, getting the contact information of witnesses is important.

When a driver returns home, it’s time to notify the insurance company. Even if the other driver is at fault, and even if they admit it, the insurance carrier must still at least be notified. When it comes to the other driver’s insurance company, if they call and make a quick settlement offer, just hold firm. There’s at least a chance that the offer is much less than what can be gained with negotiation or litigation.

We know drivers who’ve been through the experience of an accident might not want the hassle of dealing with insurers any more than is necessary. We understand. It’s why we’re here. A Noblesville car accident attorney can dig in with the insurance company while the driver gets some needed rest and recuperation.

Every detail adds up to dollars in a car accident lawsuit. The attorneys at Dollard Whalin LLP know this and bring diligent research, meticulous preparation, and fierce advocacy in all our cases. Call the Noblesville office today at (317) 854-5877 or contact us online. We offer free consultations for clients throughout Indiana.

What Is Modified Comparative Negligence?

This is the system that Indiana and 32 other states use for assessing fault in a car accident and determining how damages are awarded. 

The way it works is this:

  • Each driver is assigned a percentage of the blame.
  • The driver who has less than a 50 percent share of the blame is eligible to collect damages.
  • That driver collects in proportion to their fault. If they had no fault at all and the damage award was $100,000, then they can collect everything. If it was determined they were 20 percent at fault, then they get 80 percent of the damage award–$80,000 in this case.

Dollard Whalin LLP takes seriously the responsibility to fight for every dollar. Our clients rely on it for car repairs, replacement, medical expenses, and for moving forward after an accident.

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