Probation Violations In Indiana


If you or someone you love has been alleged to have committed a probation violation or a violation of a community corrections program in Indiana, unfortunately you are already likely quite familiar with the criminal justice system. Did you know, though, that community corrections and probation violations in Indiana have a much lower burden of proof?

That’s why you need an Indiana probation lawyer with experience in criminal law and Indiana probation violations and community corrections violations. Small details matter in these cases, and you can trust that the criminal law attorneys of Dollard Whalin LLP will dig deep and work hard to defend your rights and freedom.

What You Need to Know about Probation Violations in Indiana

While an initial criminal charge requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt, a violation of community corrections or probation in Indiana has a much lower burden of proof for the prosecutor. The burden of proof in Indiana probation violations or community correction violations is by a preponderance of the evidence. Under this standard, the prosecutor only has to prove that there is more than a 50 percent chance that the allegation against you is true.

When to Contact an Indiana Probation Lawyer

If you have been alleged to have violated your parole, it is important to contact an attorney with experience in Indiana probation violations as soon as possible to discuss your options. You must take action quickly because, unlike a criminal charge where a plea of not guilty may be automatically entered, the judge in probation violation cases may ask if you wish to admit or deny the alleged violation at the initial hearing. If you admit the offense, the judge may then sentence you as he or she sees fit at that time.

If you are on probation, you’ve probably done a lot of work to get your life back on track and avoid incarceration. Allegations of Indiana probation violations or community correction violations can wipe out your progress if not handled properly. Don’t trust something this important to just any attorney. You need an Indiana probation lawyer who knows the law and the local legal community. And you want an attorney who cares how your defense impacts your life and the life of your family.

Your Lawyers for Community Corrections and Probation Violations in Indiana

As Indiana lawyers for probation and community corrections violations, the attorneys of Dollard Whalin LLP will investigate the alleged violation and determine if there are defenses available. Even if there is not a defense to the allegation, we will see if we can reach an agreement that would result in you being placed back onto probation or back with community corrections rather than being incarcerated.

Whatever your situation, we will work with you to find the best possible outcome for your case and work to make it happen.

Our office is conveniently located in Noblesville, Indiana, which is the county seat of Hamilton County. In Hamilton County, probation or community corrections violations would be heard in the Hamilton County superior or circuit courts. We have years of experience working with these courts, their judges, and local prosecutors.

At Dollard Whalin LLP, we know how to handle cases involving community corrections and probation violations in Indiana. If you are charged with a probation violation, please contact us immediately so that we can begin providing the criminal defense you need. 

Call us at (317) 854-5877 or complete our online contact form to speak to your Indiana probation lawyer today.

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